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UWE Architecture students have completed an exercise to put together their vision of Conygre House and how it could be used for the community in Filton.

Eighteen students in their second or third year studying Architecture, Planning and Environmental Engineering at UWE produced ideas for the revival of the house, one of the few historic buildings in Filton.

This challenging design studio project gave students a valuable opportunity to test their skills on a real project and the very positive experience of working with a group of local residents who have been campaigning to save the building as a community Centre.

The students worked in groups of three or four to produce five alternative proposals for the re-use of the building, which dates back to the 17th Century.  They worked under the guidance of Jonathan Lees, an Architect trained at UWE who was born near Filton and recently opened his own Architectural practice in Bristol.

With a café or restaurant as the central social space the designs had rooms community services where visiting practitioners for everything from rieki massage to hairdressing could come in.

There were rooms for local meeting spaces, training and one inspirational idea of an entertainment space with a large screen and stage.  The mainstay of all these plans was a series of rooms for small companies to set up business and a work-hub.

Backers of Conygre House have produced a study, which attempts to show how the house could have a future as a sustainable community facility, with no drain on public money.

A decision on the plan will be made in the Spring and if the case is made, the committee will be formed to run the facility on behalf of the community.

Friends of Conygre House spokesman and former town councilor Tony Blake said: “We want this facility to be there for social needs, as a meeting place, as a venue for services such as chiropody an advice.”

Last year, Filton Town Council contributed £1,500 towards the feasibility study.