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Where have you come from?

Jonathan worked for Craig Hamilton Architects for several years and was an associate before leaving to start his own practice in 2010. He trained at Bristol's University of the West of England.

What work do you have?

We have been extremely busy since starting and have been working on a wide variety of projects from domestic extensions and new houses to commercial projects, Arts Centres and Theatres, Listed buildings and Eco-tourism sites. We specialise in progressive traditionalism and tend to focus on interesting, high quality projects often involving conservation work.

What are your ambitions?

We would like to build and develop a small, highly skilled team of up to 10 people so that we can carry out some slightly larger projects whilst maintaining our current work levels and output. Within that team, we would like to have specialist knowledge on subjects such as building conservation, planning and landscape design. We will stay in Bristol and continue to work throughout the UK, hopefully becoming known for our specialist approach to progressing the Classical and traditional languages of architecture.  

How optimistic are you?

We are very optimistic and have some very exciting projects on the horizon. Being able to specialise in a particular approach to architecture has driven us into a niche in the market which is remaining largely buoyant in the current economic environment. Some of our larger projects are for not-for-profit-organistations and charities which are dependent on funding which is not as forthcoming as it once was.  I think that it is a case of tightening our belts for a couple of years and making sure that the practice survives and slowly builds over time. Our aim is to concentrate our efforts on building our reputation and project portfolio so that we can continue to work on interesting and exciting projects.

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